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12096091_10207768058218478_689331553340169615_nI am a beloved messy child of God on a mission to make people believe in love, goodness, grace, redemption, and the inherent worth of all beings. I was called into ministry at a young age but spent many years trying to convince God otherwise. Luckily, God didn’t listen to me. My passion is church renewal and following Jesus as he wades into the crazy sea of humanity preaching peace and hope to the least and lost. I deeply believe God is still speaking and active in this world. My hope is that we can make sure the church reflects that reality.

To that end I am seeking a position in Ordained Ministry within the United Church of Christ. I have served for 10 years as Christian Education Minister (and much more) in a renewing church that is making a difference in the world and transforming lives.

I would describe myself as a Progressive Christian with an evangelical soul and a yearning for my mind to slow down enough to be a contemplative spirit. Which means I take the Bible way too seriously to take it literally, I believe God’s grace is for all people, I see the Spirit at work in my own life and the lives of others, I believe in the power of prayer (mostly to transform us as prayers), I see spiritual disciplines and justice work as two halves of the whole of what works to propel us on our spiritual path, and I believe that I do not have all the answers and I may be entirely wrong about life, God, and why we’re here – and that’s okay. God is big enough to deal with me anyway.

Because I believe that to love God is to love God’s creation, I continue to work to weave a deep rich tapestry of life that allows me to be grateful for my time on this planet. During twenty years of marriage to my college sweetheart we have built a home that revolves around our two beautiful children, Q (14) and C (12) and includes lots of reading, singing, dancing, time spent in nature, the companionship of our pets, and deep conversation. I am blessed to be, and often simultaneously exhausted by being, an autism mom and a dance mom.



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